About Victoria Matarella Chicken Enthusiast

Victoria Matarella Chicken Enthusiast

Hi my name is Victoria Matarella, and here at Happy Chicken Coops our aim is to assist you with choosing the right chickens for you and your family and how to care for them.

I am passionate about chickens and how best to raise a healthy flock. Growing up we always kept chickens and enjoyed gathering the eggs each day.

It was also exciting when one of the hens became broody and we were able to set her on fertilized eggs, then wait for that exciting moment, after three weeks had past, to go out and find out how many chicks had hatched out.

I am now married and live with my husband and Children on a small farm-let. It is a little Hobby Farm, where we enjoy keeping a few animals and a vegetable garden. Also, I am able to teach my kids everything that I have learnt over the years about keeping chickens.

So, we would like to share what we have learnt over the years about caring for chickens in your backyard, from what breed would best suit you, to what equipment you will require as well as the best feed and how to care for them.

When deciding to keep Chickens in your backyard there are a few things to consider first:

Where are you going to keep them?

What breed of chicken best suits you and your family?

How much space do you have?

How do I care for my Chickens?

What is your intention for breeding chickens, producing eggs or meat?

Here at Happy Chicken Coops, we endeavor to answer all of your questions and give you tips on how to care for and feed your chickens so that they will live a Happy, Healthy Life. Keeping your Chickens Healthy and Happy means that you will get plenty of fresh, tasty eggs for your family to enjoy.

Chickens in your backyard

Which Chicken Breed is Best

Different types of chickens suit different people and what they need. Some chickens are quieter and good to have around children, while others are better egg layers, some breeds even lay different colored eggs. There are some breeds that won’t lay as many eggs but are very good mothers and will become broody and will hatch out chicks.

How do I Care for My Chickens

Keeping Chickens is a big responsibility, as they need to have access to plenty of water and feed, so they need to be checked every day. We will be updating fresh information regularly so that you can get all the information necessary to keep Happy Healthy Chickens.

What will I need to get started keeping Chickens

There will be a few products that you will need for your chickens, we will also cover different products and what will be required for the number of chickens you wish to keep. If you are going to start out with baby chicks you will need different products, compared to if you purchase older chickens that are close to starting to lay eggs.

Victoria Matarella Chicken Lover

The number of chickens that you are going to keep will also determine the size of the chicken coop that you need to build or purchase. You will also have to have nesting boxes for your chickens to lay their eggs in.

At Happy Chicken Coops we hope that you learn about the different breeds of chickens, how to care for them and what equipment you need to keep them. That you will discover how much fun it can be to have chickens in your backyard, and that your chickens have different personalities. Enjoy your backyard chickens and the fresh eggs you get for cooking and eating each day.