The Top Reasons behind Your Rooster’s Crowing

Rooster Crow

The rooster’s loud, proud crow is one of the most widely recognized animal noises and is widely associated with daybreak. Whether or not you’ve heard a rooster crowing, you’ve likely heard their loud voices around dawn. It raises questions about why roosters always crow ‘cock-a-doodle-do?’ In fact, you may even wonder what sound does a rooster make besides just this one. 

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When Can Chicks Go Outside for the First Time

when chicks go outside

Newly-hatched baby chicks spend their first days of life in a brooder (or under their mum!). But at some point, they will grow up a little, become more adventurous, and get bored in the brooder. One of the more commonly asked questions amongst new chicken breeders is, when can chicks go outside? Every growing chick needs warmth and this early period is vital for the health of the adult bird and future well being. The key to success is keeping the chick safe, providing clean food and water

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What are the Best Roll Away Nesting Boxes

Nesting rollaway Boxes

Roll away nesting boxes in your chicken coop is the best way to keep eggs clean, safe from pecking, and easy to collect. A poultry nesting box should create a safe and comfortable environment for hens. Chicken nest boxes also help to make sure that your chickens lay eggs in the specified area of the coop. Investing in the best types of nesting boxes will help ensure you get plenty of eggs from your poultry flock. 

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Your Guide to the Barnevelder Chicken


If you’re planning on establishing a backyard coop on your property, you may have considered several chicken breeds. However, one that should not be overlooked is the Barnevelder Chicken or “barnie”. While this is a relatively new breed, the Barnevelder is a low maintenance chicken that looks great and has a fun personality. So, in this article, we’ll explore this breed in more detail to help you decide if it is the right choice for your coop.

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What You Need to Know About Chicken Roosts

Chickens Roosting

Chicken roosts are a vital part of any chicken coop. Chicken roosting bars or perches give chickens a place to sleep, relax, and feel safe from predators. Sleeping on perches also helps chicks stay healthy by helping to keep them away from chicken poop and mites. Usually, chickens return to their roosts in the evening, where they line up together to spend the night. Although having a few roosting perches in a coop may seem straightforward, there is much to learn about roosting spaces to care for your chickens’ well being.

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