What are the Best Chicken Coops

A high-quality, durable chicken coop is essential if you keep chickens in your backyard. The best chicken coops should have all the elements to keep chickens happy and secure. Chicken coops need nesting boxes, roosting bars, a secure door, and protection from predators. Another essential feature of a quality chicken coop is hygiene. There should be plenty of ventilation, and it must be easy to clean.

If you’re looking for the best chicken coops for sale, it can be challenging to know the best one. Apart from being made from quality materials, the coop should be large enough for your flock. The coop also must be a suitable size for your backyard and easy to move if necessary.

This article is a review of the six best chicken coops for sale. We have examined the top products to find which ones are the best. Our unbiased chicken coop review also highlights each one’s pros and cons to make your choice easier.

The Best 6 Chicken Coops

1. SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop

One of the best chicken coops is the sturdy, weather-resistant product by Snaplock Formex. The coop is made from durable, easy-to-clean plastic with a double-wall for extra insulation. The chicken coop has three adjustable elevated roosting bars and two nesting boxes. There is plenty of ventilation, and the removable tray makes it easy to clean chicken poop.

The Snaplock Formex chicken coop is suitable for up to six hens or 12 bantams. You’ll find that this is one of the most straightforward hen houses to assemble as all the pieces snap-fit together to create a strong coop.


  • No tools required to assemble
  • Weather-resistant
  • Made from easy to clean materials
  • Removable droppings’ tray for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Three roosting bars and two nesting boxes


  • No chicken run included

chicken coop

2. Pets Imperial Monmouth Large Chicken Coop

The Monmouth chicken coop is an extra-large hen hut that will make a happy home for your birds. This coop has a chicken run that is protected by fox-proof reinforced wire mesh. The chicken coop is 3 ft. tall and 6 ft. long, so it’s one of the biggest in this review. There is plenty of access with securely-fastened doors to the run, roosting area, and nesting boxes.

The Pets Imperial Monmouth chicken coop is large enough for up to four large hens. The coop has two nesting boxes, a pull-out tray for easy cleaning, and easy access to your chickens. Also suitable for other small animals.


  • Large size to give chickens plenty of room
  • Two removable perches
  • A large front door to get access to the chicken run
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Roof access
  • Three feet high and nearly seven feet long


  • Maybe too large for some backyards
chicken coop

3. PawHut 114” Wooden Customizable Backyard Chicken Coop

The PawHut coop is an excellent choice of chicken enclosure that fits any backyard. The extensive exterior chicken run has been designed so that it’s fully customizable. Your hens have all the protection they need from predators while they peck for food. Another excellent feature of this top-quality chicken coop is the two-tier design and accessible ramp for your chickens’ comfort.

The chicken coop has been designed with easy access in mind. There are sliding doors into the roosting house, lids to access the nesting boxes, and predator-proof doors to the chicken run.


  • Customizable chicken run
  • Multiple access for easy cleaning and egg collection
  • Two-tier chicken house
  • Made from high-quality fir wood and treated with animal-friendly weather-proofing materials
  • L-shape design or straight chicken run


  • Some users say that the frame isn’t sturdy enough
chicken coop

4. Merax Wooden Chicken Coop and Nesting Boxes

Another chicken coop that rates highly is the two-tier Merax wooden coop. The wooden design complements any backyard to keep your chickens safe and secure. The two nesting boxes feature secure locks to prevent predators from stealing eggs. Also, the sliding doors and ramp allow for easy access to the chicken coop.

An excellent feature of the Merax wooden chicken coop is the removable galvanized pull out tray for easy cleaning. All necessary assembly parts come with this product.


  • Excellent design made from top-quality wood
  • Easy access on both sides of the coop
  • Secured nesting boxes with easy access
  • Non-slip ramp
  • Sliding doors for ease of use


  • No chicken run
chicken coop

5. Wooden Chicken Coop with Poultry Cage

This two-tier, raised roosting box in the chicken coop is ideal for keeping two to four chickens. The raised roosting box allows chickens underneath it, saving you space in your back yard. There is a metal locking system that allows access to the nesting box or the roost for protection. The natural wood finish complements any backyard.

The sturdy chicken coop is designed to withstand all weather conditions. The heavy-duty wire mesh protects chickens and keeps unwanted animals out. All-in-all, your chickens will have plenty of room in this chicken coop with run.


  • Two-tier chicken coop
  • Easy access to the chicken run, roost, and egg box
  • Six foot-chicken run to give plenty of room for chickens
  • Non-slip ramp
  • Easy maintenance


  • Could be better quality
  • Users say there is only enough space for two chickens
chicken coop

6. Omitree Deluxe Large Backyard Wood Chicken Coop

One of the largest chicken coops on our review is the Omitree coop. This hen house has a classic “barn” design and plenty of room for four chickens to roost. There are four access points to allow chickens easy access in and out of the coop. There is also roof access to collect eggs and clean the coop. This large wooden coop contains two roosting bars and four nesting boxes.

It’s good to note that there’s no caged chicken run with the coop, so you’ll have to purchase one separately.


  • Large chicken coop with four nesting boxes
  • Sturdy, waterproof design
  • Easy assembly thanks to pre-drilled holes
  • Easy access for birds


  • Doesn’t come complete with a caged chicken run
  • No ventilation in the coop
chicken coop

The Best Chicken Coops for Sale — In Conclusion

Buying the best chicken coop for your flock ensures that your hens are always happy and healthy. As any chicken keeper knows—happy hens produce more and tastier eggs. The best chicken coops with wired enclosures also keep your chickens safe from predators. When looking to buy a chicken coop, remember to consider the number and size of birds you have. Furthermore, ease of access is essential for keeping the coop clean and collecting eggs.

Our top recommendation is the SnapLock Formex chicken coop. The coop has adjustable roosting bars, nesting boxes and is maintenance-free. Although this is one of the more expensive chicken coops for sale, it’s one of the best investments for looking after chickens in your backyard.