Guide to Calcium for Chickens-What They Need

Fresh Eggs

You may be surprised to learn that every egg laid by your hens has a shell that contains almost 95% calcium carbonate. The production of hard eggs requires the chicken to consume approximately 20 times more calcium than the bird has in her bones. As a responsible keeper, it’s your duty to ensure that your chickens are getting sufficient calcium in their diets.

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Best Layer Feed for Chickens

Chicken Feed

Using the best layer feed for chickens is crucial if you want your hens to lay high-quality eggs. A complete layer feed for your chickens should contain all the nutrients they need for a healthy diet. For example, egg-laying hens need a feed with around 16 to 18 percent protein and extra calcium. However, for a healthy, balanced diet, chickens that lay eggs need the right balance of basic nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in their feed.

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Chick Starter Feed: Nourishing Chicks for a Healthy Start

Chick Feed

The best type of chick start feed is crucial to help your chirping yellow fluffy balls grow into healthy, egg-producing hens. High-quality starter food—sometimes called crumbles—should contain plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Some varieties of chick starter feed include medication to help prevent outbreaks of the potentially fatal coccidiosis.

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