The Top Reasons behind Your Rooster’s Crowing

Rooster Crow

The rooster’s loud, proud crow is one of the most widely recognized animal noises and is widely associated with daybreak. Whether or not you’ve heard a rooster crowing, you’ve likely heard their loud voices around dawn. It raises questions about why roosters always crow ‘cock-a-doodle-do?’ In fact, you may even wonder what sound does a rooster make besides just this one. 

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Why are My Chickens Molting and How to Care for Them

Your Chickens maybe losing there feathers as a result of molting. There are certain times when your backyard chickens might need a little extra tender loving care. One of these is during their molt – and while it may be concerning the first time you witness it, it’s a natural process. You just need to know what to expect and understand how to support your hens (and rooster!) until they get back to their fully feathered, beautiful, and comfortable selves.

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When Do Chickens Start Laying Eggs

Best Laying Chickens

If you’ve just started raising backyard hens, the big question will soon arise: “when will my chickens start laying eggs?”. It’s a great idea to have a realistic expectation of when this will occur, as well as the signs of laying behavior to look for. You’ll also benefit from knowing how to prepare for laying, as well as understanding how to encourage your feathery girls to lay.

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Know What to Feed Chickens in Winter

Feeding Chickens Winter

Your Backyard Chickens dietary requirements will vary depending on the seasons. During late Autumn and Winter is a time for your chickens to rejuvenate and get ready for Spring and laying a lot of eggs.

So it is important that during these colder months that you feed them the right kind of food and and the right amount.

Chickens, particularly hens, need to be fed more during the colder winter months. They also have increased needs for protein and carbohydrates.

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