What are the 5 Stages of Chicken Development

Observing the stages of chicken development is a fascinating process. A newly-hatched chick develops into a teenager (pullet or cockerel) and reaches adulthood in around 16 weeks. From fertilization through incubation and hatching, the five stages of chicken development take just under five months. And when a hen has reached maturity, you can expect to get your first egg. 

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What Brooder Supplies Do I Need for Baby Chicks

If you’re considering adding some chicks to your coop, the ideal time to prepare is now. Many people ask themselves “What Brooder Supplies do I need for baby chicks?” then they search for answers online and they get confused by the information. Looking after chicks is easy if you have the right brooder supplies and you understand how to use them. The supplies can be purchased at a local farm supply store, or you can order them online and have them delivered to your home.

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When Can Chicks Go Outside for the First Time

when chicks go outside

Newly-hatched baby chicks spend their first days of life in a brooder (or under their mum!). But at some point, they will grow up a little, become more adventurous, and get bored in the brooder. One of the more commonly asked questions amongst new chicken breeders is, when can chicks go outside? Every growing chick needs warmth and this early period is vital for the health of the adult bird and future well being. The key to success is keeping the chick safe, providing clean food and water

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