How to Hatch Chickens Under a Broody Hen

Hen and Chickens

To produce a baby chicken, you need a fertilized egg. Fertile eggs will only hatch if they have been incubated – and this takes 21 days of careful incubation under specific conditions. There are different ways to hatch fertilized chicken eggs, but by far the best way is how Mother Nature intended – allowing a broody hen to hatch and raise her chicks. But just how do you hatch chickens under a broody hen?

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What You Need to Know About Chicken Roosts

Chickens Roosting

Chicken roosts are a vital part of any chicken coop. Chicken roosting bars or perches give chickens a place to sleep, relax, and feel safe from predators. Sleeping on perches also helps chicks stay healthy by helping to keep them away from chicken poop and mites. Usually, chickens return to their roosts in the evening, where they line up together to spend the night. Although having a few roosting perches in a coop may seem straightforward, there is much to learn about roosting spaces to care for your chickens’ well being.

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