Review of The Grandpas Chicken Feeder

Are you searching for the perfect way to feed your chickens? If so, Grandpas Chicken Feeder could be your answer. Chicken coop feeders make feeding your chickens easy, ensuring they are well-nourished. In addition, Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken feeder’s innovative. It works with any type of feed and is suitable for all types of backyard flocks.

What about Grandpa’s feeders make them the top choice for backyard chicken owners? What makes these automatic feeders better than standard feeders on the market? Please read on to find the answers to these questions and more.

This article reviews the Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeder. You will learn about the pros and cons of the device to discover if it best suits your flock size. This information will help you decide when buying your next feeder for chickens.

Why Buy a Grandpas Chicken Feeder?

The Grandpa’s chicken feeder for flocks is the most durable type on the market. The feeders feature a treadle step to protect feed from the elements, rodents, and other animals. This feature means lower feeding costs for your flock because there is less wasted feed. 

Of course, the price of buying a Grandpa’s feeder is not “chicken feed.” They are expensive feeders. However, in the end, you get what you pay for. That is why they are the go-to choice for many hobbyists and chicken enthusiasts with a backyard flock. 

Grandpas Chicken Feeder — Overview

 Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeder
Dimensions17 x 15 x 12 
MaterialAlloy galvanized steel
Feed capacity20 lbs.
Weatherproof lidYes
Size of flock6 Chickens
Days feed lasts10
Training speedFast
Chicken Treadle feeder

The History of Grandpas Chicken Feeders

Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeders have been around for over 20 years. Chicken owner Bill Kirkham (Grandpa) started producing the innovative feeders in 1995. The treadle design helped to keep rats, mice, and wild birds away from the feeding tray. This design worked so well that it soon became a staple in many backyard chicken coops across the country.

Now, Grandpa’s Automatic Chicken Feeders are still made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship as when “Grandpa” started. 

Three Reasons Why Grandpas Automatic Chicken Feeders Are So Good

There are several reasons why Grandpa’s chicken feeders revolutionized backyard chicken coops. First, the quality and design of the product are second to none. Additionally, unlike many treadle chicken feeders, the unit comes almost completely assembled. All you must do is attach the treadle, and you are set to go. 

Here are a few reasons why we especially love Grandpa’s feeders.

Easy to Use: Grandpa’s automatic chicken feeders are super easy to use. Simply fill the feed trough, close the lid, and you’re all set. All your chickens must do is step on the treadle to access fresh feed. 

Save on poultry feed: One of the best reasons for buying a treadle feeder is to reduce feed waste. According to experts in the poultry industry, rodents contaminate around $2 billion in feed annually. Mice and rat activity is the number one issue many backyard chicken owners must deal with. Steel treadle feeders solve the problem. 

Ideal for outdoor use: Because the units are made from galvanized steel, they are suitable for keeping outdoors. Not only does this protect expensive feed from the elements, but your chickens always have access to fresh feed. 

Reasons to Buy a Treadle Chicken Feeder

Keeping vermin away from the feed is the primary reason to buy a steel chicken feeder with a treadle. In addition, well-designed steel feeders help keep feed costs down because rats and mice cannot get to the grain. And unlike PVC feeders, nasty rodents cannot chew their way through to contaminate the dry feed. 

Grandpas Chicken Feeder — Automatic Poultry Feeder

The Grandpa’s Chicken Feeder is an automated poultry feeder that allows chickens access to fresh, nutritious food when they want it. The treadle-style feeder design and true gravity feeding mean chickens only need to stand on the release mechanism to open the weatherproof lid.

The galvanized steel finish protects from the elements, vermin, chipmunks, squirrels, and other unwanted wildlife. 

Feed-on-demand is ideal for backyard chicken owners. The feed trough holds up to 20 pounds of feed—enough to feed up to six chickens for ten days. With Grandpa’s chicken feeder, you can rest assured your birds will stay healthy and well-fed all year round. 

One of the advantages of Grandpa’s automated chicken feeder is that it’s easy for chickens to learn how to use it. Additionally, the anti-flick grill stops chickens from scooping poultry food onto the ground, where it can become contaminated.

Also, you are guaranteed poop-free feed—unlike standard feeders, the birds cannot poop in the feed because the lid is closed when they are not on the treadle.  


  • Save money on chicken feed
  • Feed up to six chickens for ten days; however, up to a dozen chickens for five days
  • Feed chickens on demand
  • Handy side guard to prevent waste
  • Sturdy metal construction 
  • Three chickens can feed simultaneously
  • The most favorite chicken feeder on the market


  • More expensive than similar types of chicken feeders
  • Not ideal for large chicken coops
  • As with all treadle-style feeders, it is unsuitable for chicks and pullets under 1.4 lbs.

How Many Chickens can the Feeder Feed?

Grandpa’s automatic chicken feeder has a feed capacity that can feed up to six chickens for ten days. Of course, more chickens can use the feeder, but the feed will last less than a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Train Chickens to Use Grandpas Feeder?

It takes around two weeks to train chickens to use a treadle feeder like Grandpa’s model. Here is what is involved in chicken training:

  • Week one: Use the two bolts to prop the trough lid and keep it fully open. This gives the birds a feel for standing on the anti-slip galvanized plate and feeding from the trough.
  • Week three: The chickens are now ready to feed themselves. Remove the bolts so that the lid is closed. The lid opens when the birds stand on the plate. 
  • Week two: Adjust the bolts so that the lid is partially opened. Then, when the chickens stand on the treadle, the lid opens fully. 

How do Grandpa’s Feeders Work?

Grandpa’s poultry feeders work using a treadle attached to a cantilevered lid. This keeps the feed trough covered when chickens are not feeding. The lid opens when a chicken stands on the platform connected to it. This provides easy access to dry feed in the trough. The lid closes when the chicken steps off the treadle, keeping the feed safe from pesky rodents and birds. 

Where are Grandpas Chicken Feeders Made?

Grandpa’s chicken feeders were developed in New Zealand in 1995. The company ensures the best quality in all its products. According to an article in TheNZLife, the manufacturing process is in China. However, the company owners take an active role in overseeing the production. 

Automatic Poultry Feeder

What Makes Grandpas Feeder Better Than the Others and Why Should You Buy One

Grandpa’s chicken feeder is an on-demand feeder that is the industry standard. The units are made from durable alloy steel. The feeder has a sloped back for true gravity feeding, thus reducing waste and ensuring your chickens always have the necessary nourishment. 

This automatic chicken feeder scores high on product ratings and user reviews compared to similar models. It seems that other similar models are cheaper imitations.