What are the Best Roll Away Nesting Boxes

Roll away nesting boxes in your chicken coop is the best way to keep eggs clean, safe from pecking, and easy to collect. A poultry nesting box should create a safe and comfortable environment for hens. Chicken nest boxes also help to make sure that your chickens lay eggs in the specified area of the coop. Investing in the best types of nesting boxes will help ensure you get plenty of eggs from your poultry flock. 

Choosing the best type of roll-out nest box is not easy, especially if you are new to keeping chickens. There are various chicken nest designs to choose from, and some are only suitable for larger breeds of chickens. Metal nesting boxes are typically made from galvanized steel and are ideal for large flocks. However, a plastic nesting box can be a cost-effective solution for many backyard chicken keepers.

This article reviews the top six roll away nesting boxes currently for sale. A detailed review of each roll away box will also highlight the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision on the best nesting boxes for hens.

The Top 6 Roll Away Nesting Boxes

Let’s look in detail at the best roll away nesting boxes that you can buy to keep your flock of chickens happy and eggs safe.

1. Homestead Essentials 3 Compartment Roll Out Nesting Box

The Homestead Essentials is a good quality roll away nesting box made from galvanized steel. The three-compartment nest box features ventilation holes, front collection trays, removable floors, and a durable design. The advantage of this roll away nesting box is that it’s easy to clean and does a great job of protecting freshly laid eggs.

Each nesting compartment measures 10.5” long, 15” wide, and 20” high. The three nesting spaces mean that the box is suitable for medium-sized flocks.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Egg collection is accessible from the convenient roll-away tray
  • Made from high-quality, non-corrosive material
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some users complain that the construction quality is poor
  • Can be sharp edges on the steel dividers
  • Lack of privacy flap

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2. Best Nest Box Reversible Roll away Nest Box

The Best Nest box is a community-style nesting box with a roll away tray and perch. The durable nesting box is made from galvanized steel that is easy to clean and won’t rust. There is no bedding material required as a comfortable, bacteria-free nest pad protects the eggs. Additionally, a sloped roof ensures that hens don’t perch on top of the nesting box.

One of the advantages of this roll-away nesting box is its versatility. It is possible to mount the collection tray at the front or rear, allowing you to collect eggs from outside the coop. Additionally, the flooring is made from galvanized mesh to allow air to circulate.


  • The roost bar helps prevent hens from roosting during the night in the box
  • No dividers to prevent hens crowding each other out
  • Suitable for up to 20 egg-laying hens
  • Removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Privacy flaps


  • High price tag
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3. Duncan’s Poultry 8 Roll Out Hole Hen Nest

The Duncan’s roll away hen nest is a heavy-duty nesting box constructed from galvanneal, which is more durable than galvanized tin. The eight-compartment nesting boxes feature vented compartments, rollout trays and are easy to assemble. Eggs are protected in the trays by a bar to prevent pecking. This feature also doubles up as a perch or can prevent roosting in boxes at night.

This sturdy nesting box is suitable for a large flock of birds. Each nesting box measures 12 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 11.25 inches deep. The unit is straightforward to hang in a coop and is removable to allow easy access for cleaning.


  • Suitable for over 30 hens
  • Easy assembly in 20 minutes or less
  • Vented removable trays
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction


  •  The instructions for assembling the metal nest boxes could be clearer
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4. Best Nest Box Roll-away Community Nest Box

The Best Nest box is a community-style nesting box that is useful if you have a larger flock of chickens. The roll out chicken nesting box is 48 inches long and doesn’t have individual compartments. Due to its versatility, the egg nest box is adjustable for front or rear egg collection. In addition, each removable nesting pad is specifically designed to create a bacteria-free environment.

A nice feature of the roll away colony nest box is the vinyl curtains to create a peaceful, dark environment to encourage hens to lay eggs.


  • Suitable for up to 45 hens
  • Front or rear egg collection
  • Protective egg collection tray to prevent broken eggs and hen pecking
  • Collect eggs from inside or outside the coop
  • Sloped roof to prevent roosting on the nesting box


  • It may be too large if you only have a few chickens
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5. PENTAGADES Laying Chicken Nesting Boxes

The Pentagades roll away nesting box contains all the features to encourage happy chickens to lay eggs. The galvanized steel boxes for chickens feature plastic trays with ventilation holes, a protective lid on the collection trays, and a privacy flap. In addition, the combination of plastic and metal construction makes the nesting boxes easy to clean and maintain.

Thanks to the low cost and excellent design, the Pentagades roll away nesting box is one of the best on the market. Using this nesting box for up to 12 hens will ensure fewer broken eggs and dirt-free eggs.


  • Includes three fake eggs to encourage hens to start laying
  • Close the nest at night to prevent roosting in the boxes
  • Easy to collect eggs from the protected tray
  • Washable privacy curtain to promote egg laying
  • Suitable for up to 12 chickens


  • The reviews of some users say the trays seem unstable
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6. VEVOR Chicken Nesting Boxes 3 Hole

The Vevor roll away nesting box is made from galvanized metal and contains three nesting compartments and a protected tray for collecting eggs. The slight tilt on the floors allows eggs to roll away easily, ready for collection. Like all roll away nesting boxes, this feature results in cleaner eggs with fewer breakages.

The coop nesting box is suitable for many types of poultry, including many breeds of chickens and ducks. The simple design has breathable vents, an inclined roof and can be wall-mounted or free-standing.


  • Three compartments, suitable for up to 12 chickens
  • Hens have no access to eggs
  • Rustproof galvanized steel construction
  • No sharp edges
  • Excellent price point


  • Lack of removable floor can make cleaning difficult
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Roll Away Nesting Boxes — FAQs

How do roll away nesting boxes work?

A roll away nesting box works by allowing the eggs to roll down a slightly slanted floor into a covered collection tray. A roll-away nest box typically has a thick, comfy nesting pad to prevent egg breakage and keep them clean.

How many chicken roll away nesting boxes do I need?

To ensure a healthy flock and clean eggs, you should have one nesting box for every four or five hens. This way, you help prevent your chickens from becoming stressed or feeling overcrowded. Having a roll away nesting box also prevents hens from eating or pecking eggs.

Should nesting boxes be open or have a cover?

The best nesting boxes should have a cover. Although, if the chicken coop is dark enough, a privacy flap is not always necessary. However, having a flap for privacy ensures that your chickens feel safe and comfortable when laying eggs.

Why choose a roll away nest box?

A roll away box differs from a standard nesting box because it has a slightly slanted floor. When a hen lays an egg, the egg gently rolls forward to a protective tray at the front or rear for collection. Allowing the egg to roll out the nest box prevents accidental damage and keeps eggs clean.

What makes a roll away nesting box better for your hens?

A roll out nest box is ideal for collecting chicken eggs. The collection tray at the front or rear of the box keeps the eggs safe and protected away from pecking hens. Chicken keepers who start using roll-away nest boxes find they have fewer broken eggs.

What is the best nesting material for a roll away nesting box?

Straw or hay is usually the best material for a standard nest box. However, the nesting material is generally used to protect eggs from damage. For example, bedding isn’t necessary to protect the eggs in a nesting box with a roll away tray.